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AuthorVideo Name

owned by LCHA members

Cherry Hill101 Horsekeeping Tips Volumes 1-3, on Video and DVD

Cherry HillThe Horse - El Caballo A journey for kids. A DVD program in learning English and Spanish

                                    for kids and adults.

Steve BowersHarnessing, Hitching and Driving the draft and Driving Horse 2 tapes

Sam PowellSaddling & Riding the Unbroke Horse for the First Time

Mark RashidFeeling the Try 3 tape set

Diane GueckTWH Walking Western

Diane GueckTWH Bits and Biting

Diane GueckTips on Shoeing the Plantation & Liteshod TWH

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #1 Foal Training

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #2 Preparing for Performance Ground Driving

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #3 Preparing for Performance Driving

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #4 Basic Foundation for Saddle

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #5 Intermediate Saddle Training

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #6 Advanced Saddle Training

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #7 Jumping

Meredith HodgesTraining Mules & Donkeys, tape #8 Management, Fitting & Grooming

Richard ShrakeResistance Free Training the Weanling

Richard ShrakeResistance Free Training

Absorbine10 Easy Ways to Make Your Horse Feel Great and Perform Even Better (featuring

                                                                                                                                                              training tips by John Lyons)

Robert Miller, DVMInfluencing the Horse’s Mind

John Lyon’sTraining from the Heart “On the Trail with ...” 2 tape set

Dennis Reis“Day of the Horse” Las Vegas 2002

Diane GueckTips on Training the Plantation & Liteshod Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH)

Lonnie KuehnSmoothing Out the Pacey Horse TWH

Lonnie KuehnSolving Gaiting Problems with Your TWH Part II

TWHBEABasic Technique for Training the TWH Part II

Richard ShrakeResistance Free Training the Problem Horse

Larry TrochaTeaching Your Horse to Roll Back & Spin

Larry TrochaTeach Your Horse to Stop Light & Collected

WranglerBull Riders Only - Best of the Final Rounds

Penelope SmithThe Interspecies Telepathic Connection - Audio tape series

BOOKS owned by LCHA members

AuthorsBook Title

Carolyn HendersonBreaking and Schooling Training your horse from the ground up

Marty MartenProblem-Solving and Problem-Solving Volume 2

Mary WanlessThe Natural Rider

Amelia KinkadeStraight from the Horse’s Mouth

Desmond MorrisHorsewatching

R.H. SmytheThe Mind of the Horse

EquusHorse Care Tips from A to Z

Cherry HillBecoming an Effective Rider

Cherry Hill and

  Richard Klimesh, CJF                      Maximum Hoof Power - A horse owners guide to shoeing

            and soundness.

Cherry HillHorse for Sale - How to buy a horse or sell the one you have.

Cherry HillHorsekeeping on a Small Acreage

Cherry Hill From the Center of the Ring

Ann HylandFoal to Five Years

Lynda BloomFitting and Showing the Halter Horse

Myler A Whole Bit Better

Carolyn HendersonSnaffles

George TylerMaking Money with Western Horses

Field ManualPacking and Outfitting

AdamsLameness in Horses

Elwyn Hartley EdwardsHorses, The Visual guide to over 100 horse breeds from around the world

Saddlery Modern equipment for horse and stable

Monty RobertsThe Man Who Listens to Horses

Jane SavoieIt’s Not Just About the Ribbons

Klaus Ferdinand HempflingDancing With Horses

Pam StoneOnly Horse People..A look at a sport for the deranged

Dr. Edward MayhewIllustrated Horse Management

John FlasleyGenetic Principles in Horse Breeding-revised edition

Louis TaylorHarper’s Encyclopedia for Horsemen The Complete Book of Horses

James P McCall PhDThe Stallion A breeding guide for owners and handlers

Randy SteffenHorsemans Scrapbook A Western Horseman book, also Volumes II and III

Karen BiggsUnderstanding Equine Nutrition

Dave JonesThe Dave Jones book of Western Horsemanship

Michael RosenHorse People

GaWaNi Pony BoyOf Women and Horses

Videos from Joe & Kim’s private collection, to share with you.

John Lyons Symposium Video Collection (Orange Set) Tapes 1 through 6

John Lyons Symposium Video Collection (Green Set) Tapes 1 through 7

Buck BrannamanThe Making of a Bridle Horse Parts I-IV

Buck BrannamanHorsemanship

Pat ParelliFreestyle Riding

Pat ParelliThe Natural Horse Man Ship Course Parts I-V

MFTHBAMissouri Fox trotter Judges Tape on Gaits 1999

Bill HinkebeinTrail Riding your MFT for Pleasure and Competition

Eitan Beth-HalachmyCowboy Dressage

Eitan Beth-HalachmyArt of the Round Pen

Chuck MillsDeveloping Control of Your Horse

R.E. SmithHackamore Traditional Training

Joe & Kim AndrewsConnection Through the Mind Through Feel

L. Dutch Van Dierendonck  All About Cavalletti Basic Instruction Part I

James ShawTai Chi for the Equestrian

Sara & Micheal Stenson      T’ai Chi An Avcient Art for Horsemen

Frank BellDiscover the horse You Never Knew 7 step safety system

Frank BellCommunication in the Saddle

Frank Bell Spooking & Shying

Lynn PalmDressage Principles for the Western Horse and Rider

Tape #1 Respecting the Rider’s Proper Form

Tape #2 Aids Communication..A Key to Success

                                                Tape #5 Advanced Collection

Louis L’Amours The Sacketts

Monty RobertsWild Mustang

Mary WanlessA Rider’s Guide to Body Awareness

Mary WanlessRide with Your Mind tapes 1-4

UMHCome Ride the Mountains - A guide to entering your Mountain Horse at UMH

Larimer County Horseman’s Assoc. and Joe and Kim Andrews owners of these video tapes, DVD and books, expect you as a barrower to treat the items with care. If the item is broken in your care, please donate 50% of replacement cost.

Viewing of the video tapes is for ONE week, then return for the next person to enjoy. Book reading is for TWO weeks, then return for the next person to enjoy. You pay for all shipping, both directions. You can pick up and return at the Andrews at no charge.

Call for a convenient time for both parties to pick up what you want to enjoy. 970-613-0121, be on time.

We are always looking for more videos and DVD‘s. Please give your donation to LCHA in care of Kim Andrews 970-613-0121.