Trail Maintenance



Seeking to promote trail improvements and better access to trails, Larimer County Horseman’s Association (LCHA) takes a proactive stance toward land managers responsible for public lands. To remain responsible partners to these managers, LCHA regularly consults with the USDA Forest Service, Larimer County Department of Natural Resources, and the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife concerning new trail construction, trail improvements, and increased access to trails. As part of our responsible partnership, we have adopted three trails:

  1. Lion Gulch in Roosevelt National Forest (USDA Forest Service)

  2. Mill Creek Trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park (Larimer County Department of Natural Resources)

  3. Devil’s Backbone (Larimer County Department of Natural Resources).

At the request of a land manager, we work on other trails as well. We maintain trails at least five times each year, working from morning until midafternoon to keep the tread in good condition and the corridor clear. Thus the trails remain safe and accessible for all users. We have trail crew leaders trained by the USDA Forest Service. We have fun. We accept members and nonmembers on trail crews.

For details, call Hugh Templeton at 970-622-0982 (home) or email him at

Join us for a trail maintenance day!

Trail Maintenance Days 2013

  • May 18: Ramsay-Shockey Open Space
  • June 1: Lion Gulch
  • August 10 Lion Gulch
  • September 7: Lion Gulch
  • September 21: Nomad Trail in Horsetooth Mountain Park