Mark and Applejack Rasp, Foundation Quarter Horse

Gary York and Mitch, Arabian

Lisa and Mariah, Rocky Mountain Horse

Bonnie Robinson and Christian, Tennessee Walking Horse

Carmen and Cosmos, Quarter Horse

Bonnie Robinson and Christian

Vachel and Frosty, Quarter Horse

Meet the Board

The LCHA Board of Directors organizes all of the activities for the club to fulfill its mission of advocacy, education, and community.  Since there are many activities throughout the year, there is a lot of work to do.  If you are interested in helping or serving on the Board, please contact a current Board member.  The Board meets the second Thursday of each month from 7:00-9:00 PM.  All members are welcome to attend Board Meetings.  The location changes so contact a Board member for details.  Contact information is in the newsletter, which you can access from the Home Page.

Board of Directors,

President: Bonnie Robinson

Vice President: Bonnie Templeton

Secretary: Susan Kurzweil

Treasurer: Gary York

Committee Chairs and Members at Large

Bonnie Templeton, Temporary Shelter

Carmen Galloway, Member At Large

Hugh Templeton, Emergency Evacuation

Linda Gattis, Trail Ride Coordinator

Lisa Harris, Membership Coordinator

Mark Schleicher, Member At Large

Vachel Galloway, Member At Large

Bonnie Templeton and Rankin, Gaited Morgan

Susan Kurzweil and Wind Walker, Appaloosa

Hugh and Copper, Appendix.

Linda and Gracie Lou, Kentucky Mountain Horse

Larimer County Horseman's Association